Our Story

Our brand is all about to do our part to save our planet without compromising design!!

Our commitment is driven by the passion of acting responsible, embrace positive change and do it with stylish design.

On average, each hectare of Cork Oak forest sequesters 14.7 tons of CO2—making cork perhaps the lowest carbon footprint vegan leather.

The production process is just as green—the cork is simply boiled in water to gain some pliability before being flattened into sheets. 

TGECork is increasingly focused on selling products with a reduced environmental footprint. These are often referred to as green products; they’re non-toxic, consume less energy, result in less waste, or incorporate recycled materials.

TGECork, stocks and ships in it's warehouse in Northern California. In addition, TGECork dropships from various wharehouses around the world. TGECork, hand sewn cork accessories are made in Portugal, Turkey and Israel using high quality Portuguese cork.  TGECork has partnered with Linda Denmark & Martin Gomez Tena to distribute their classic cork creations in the US and around the world.  Manufactured in a small family workshop, TGECork has been making a name for its eco-friendly, vegan products in Europe since 1988. We started selling the highly desirable cork accessories in 2011.  We are excited to offer this innovative line and look forward to the growth in popularity of cork.