About Cork

Cork, like leather…only better!

If you want an eco-friendly,durable and beautiful bag try TGECork, cork accessories.

I discovered cork in Portugal in 2008.  Since then I’ve been carrying all cork accessories.  Cork has all the qualities I love.  A sustainable material that is beautiful, lightweight and durable.  It is a material that offers vegans the perfect option.

Cork is sustainable

Cork is durable

Cork is lightweight

Cork is waterproof

Cork is easily cleaned with soap and water

Cork needs no special treatment

Simply put, cork makes the world a better place.

There is a saying in Portugal.  Plant an olive tree for your children, a cork tree for your grandchildren.

These lovely eco-friendly cork products are made from the bark of the cork oak tree.  The cork bark is transformed from the rustic bark into a soft and supple material. The cork oak tree is not harmed.  The bark grows back and is ready to be harvested again in another eight to ten years.  Cork oak trees have a life span of up to one hundred and seventy-five years.